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17. August 2019

Pride and prejudice

Christopher Street Day , Hamburg, 2019

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Street photography, Motzstraßenfest Berlin 2019, Dirk Heurich
22. July 2019

Reality check

Pride and prejudice at Motzstrassenfest, Berlin.

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1. June 2019

Robin gets wet

Playing with colours. Maybe one day the flash and me will become friends after all?

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Shagel Butt @ CrossFit Sankt Pauli: 8 Minutes Workout 2019, Dirk Heurich
6. May 2019

No pain, no gain

Shagel Butt @ CrossFit Sankt Pauli: 8 Minutes Workout

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Backstage at Pink Inc., Kinky easter bunnies, Hamburg 2019, Dirk Heurich
3. April 2019

Bucks and bunnies

Backstage at Pink Inc. 03/19

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Backstage at Pink Inc., Dancers and drag queens, January Hamburg 2019, Dirk Heurich
27. January 2019

Red, Hot and Pink

Backstage at Pink Inc. 01/19

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17. January 2019

Shooting Malte Rabe

Malte works at Zirkus Charles Knie, that’s why I chose the red striped jacket. And I wanted a look like a classic 18th century...

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2. January 2019

Shooting Michael Schäfer

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot Michael Schäfer, who asked for a “mature” portrait. He is only 18 years old but I think...

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Backstage @ Gaga, Kinky party, Hamburg 2018, Dirk Heurich
30. October 2018

Gaga October 2018

Backstage @ Gaga, Hamburg

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Backstage @ Schmidts Tivoli, Halloween Party, Hamburg 2018, Dirk Heurich
29. October 2018


Backstage @ Schmidts Tivoli, Hamburg

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