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Cabo Verde, Landscapes, Nature, People 2018, Dirk Heurich
The Flow, 118 x 88 cm (90 x 60 cm image size), oak frame, € 600,-

Beautiful photos in matching frames give rooms an individual touch. They open up new perspectives and express the personality of their inhabitants. Selected pictures by the Hamburg photographer Dirk Heurich can be purchased online here. Only high quality photo papers are used, the pictures in gallery quality are framed with passe-partout.

The images of photographer Dirk Heurich are only gently reworked and never arranged or posed. They show us realistically how beautiful and poetic the world in which we live can be. Thus, they are pleasantly different from the current trend of overdrawing and distorting images with effects.

Choose from the various categories, such as landscapes, perspectives, abstract or street photography. Exclusive original prints in limited editions can be found at Limited Art.

Enhance the effect of the image by selecting a suitable frame. When choosing your frame, think about the interplay between picture and frame. Choose the frame that best suits your personal style and photo, or make a special impression with contrasts.

All prints are produced and sent by White Wall.

Prices start at € 200,-


Stunning sights from all over the world.


It’s all about the point of view.

Limited Art

Each photography is limited to ten prints and comes with a signed certificate.

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